Project D - Two Storey Domestic Extension

In this project Ultimate Builder constructed a two storey side elevation and single storey rear extension which included fitting a kitchen, bathroom and en suite.

The work that was undertaken also included the full modernisation of the existing house.

It is often what you can't see that creates the biggest headaches in design and construction and so was the case here.

In this 16 week project problems included the relocation of utilities, poor ground for footings which required the instalation of piled footings to a depth of 6 metres.

The propery also had rotten floor joists and collapsed sewers. In both cases they had to be carefully removed and replaced with new fittings.

All extensions and associated works are tailored to suit our clients individual requirements, with attention to detail and excellence of workmanship being our company's benchmark.

The project began with the design phase and submission of architectural plans to the local authority. This was followed with a fully project managed construction phase, through to fitting the bathroom.

Each project is supervised by an 'Ultimate Builder' Site Manager who is responsible for ensuring all aspects of the project are constructed to the highest standard and they are responsible for quality assurance and programming.

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