frequently asked questions


1. Can I get an estimate by email/phone?

If you provide enough details, we should be able to give you a rough idea of the cost.  For a more accurate quote we recommend that you contact us for a no-obligation site visit with one of our fully qualified site managers.

2. I work all day so can only be available for a quote on evenings and weekends.  Is that possible?

Yes.  Many of our customers have the same problem and so we work evenings and weekends to eliminate this problem.  We can of course attend quotes in working hours.

3. Do you work with business customers?

Yes, Ultimate Builder have great experience in serving both business and private customers.

4. Can you work at weekends?

Yes. A lot of businesses do not wish to disrupt their routine and so Ultimate Builder are happy where appropriate to work weekends and evenings.


5. I've decided to go ahead. When can you start?

This will depend on the size and nature of the project. For example, if it is a large project, you may have to obtain planning permission and get your plans approved by Building Control and in this case, we will work with you in respect of this and commence work at the appropriate time.  With smaller projects we will agree a start date with you and keep to it.  Of course, if its an emergency, we will respond to that emergency quickly.


6. Will there be a mess?

All building work can create mess but when you instruct us to do a job, we will always clean up after ourselves.


7. How accurate are the estimates?

All estimates are accurate based on the information and specification. Clearly if the specification changes or major issues beyond our control arise, this may affect the estimate.


8. Do I get any guarantees?

Yes, guarantees are available. The nature of the guarantee depends on the work undertaken.


9. How long will it take?

This will depend on the nature of the work but we will give you a time estimate that we will endeavour to keep to.


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